Terms & Conditions

Customer Satisfaction

The customer has the duty to inspect the property within three (3) days after work has been completed. Notice of reasonable dissatisfaction must be given to HG GRASS CARE LLC at this time.

We will have three days to correct such work at no additional cost. Failure to notify HG GRASS CARE LLC shall constitute a waiver of any claim against the dissatisfaction.


Invoices will be generated and sent out after each service provided.


*Credit Card/Debit Card on file (automatically drafts)

*ACH Payments

Authorization to debit directly from the customer's Checking/Saving account for the purpose of bill payments (automatically drafts)

The account will be charged for the complete balance for services rendered 1 day following service completion.

We do require a valid Credit/Debit card or ACH payment on file in your account before services can be scheduled. We run automatically draft payments after each visit and we will never charged unless we actually do the service.


Credit/Debit card or ACH payment on file, 50% deposit will be charged and 50% balance drafted after completion.

Recurring Mow/Services

Credit/Debit card or ACH payment on file with automatic drafts after each service.

We have taken every step to make sure your information is safe.

We follow the industry-proven guidelines regarding securing sensitive data.

We keep your information in a private, encrypted server that is checked weekly for vulnerabilities.

Once we have your information, only the last four digits of your Credit/Debit card and Account numbers are visible to our office staff.

Skip Services

There will be times you will not need service on your scheduled day. If you need to be skipped, the office will need to be notified 48 hours in advance. If we show up and you do not want your lawn cut, a $15.00 charge will be assessed to your account. The charge will help to cover labor and gasoline expenses.

Canceling Services

In order to cancel your services, HG GRASS CARE LLC must be notified in writing and be given at least 14 days' notice. Your service will be canceled 14 days after receipt of your cancellation notice. The office will call and confirm that we received your letter.

Special Events

If you are having a special event, such as a party or family gathering at your home, please contact our office a week prior so that we can ensure that your property will be looking pristine when everyone arrives. We will make sure that the grass is cut to the perfect length and that the weed whacking and edging is completed as well. If you would like us to cut it on a different day than normal please inform us of that as well.

Day of Choice

We do try our best to accommodate everybody. However, we do not guarantee that you will be put on for that specific day of your choosing. We have to put you where it fits best for where we are each day.

Rain Delay

All lawns are scheduled Monday – Thursday. If there is rain during the week at all there is a possibility that your lawn could be pushed back a day from its normally scheduled cut day. All lawns will be finished no later than Sunday and if there is any reason that we cannot complete your job for that week you will be notified.