Licensed & Insured


We offer an extensive range of services. Learn more about what we provide below, and let us know if you have any questions or special requests. We look forward to adding you to my long list of satisfied customers.

Landscape Installation & Maintenance



Starting Prices

-Landscape installation       Start at $500.00

-Landscape Maintenance    Start at $400.00

-Hedge/Trimming shrubs    Start at $300.00

-Fall leaves removal            Start at $400.00

-Spring clean-up                  Start at $400.00


Lawn Mowing & Lawn Care Services


Starting Prices

 -Weekly Lawn Mowing                   Start at $40.00 


-Core Aeration & Grass Seed        Start at $400.00 

-We do NOT provide:

*Biweekly lawn cutting in the growing season,

( April to June and September to November)

 We might switch to biweekly in July and August if we have a drought; otherwise, it will be serviced weekly from April to mid-November.

-We do NOT provide:

*One-time service lawn cutting.

*Once a month lawn cutting.

*Every ten days, lawn cutting.